"The First Vegan Production in Turkey was Realized in Fashion." - RAMONDER
"The First Vegan Production in Turkey was Realized in Fashion."
29 Araember 2023
"The First Vegan Production in Turkey was Realized in Fashion."

Renowned fashion designer Sefa Ramazan Öztürk, who dresses royal families, Arab countries, and Hollywood stars, has achieved a first in Turkey with his brand Ramonder by producing 100% vegan creations. Öztürk, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, has prepared a collection from materials such as tree bark, apple peel, and mushroom, which have never been used in Turkey before. With his vegan products that pose no harm to human health, he aims to make a groundbreaking impact in Turkey and enter global markets.

In a sector where thousands of products in Turkey are produced with nylon threads, which negatively affect human health and contribute to global warming, Öztürk, the owner of the famous fashion brand Ramonder, is preparing a massive collection from vegan products with 100% recyclability to overcome these challenges. Öztürk, who proudly mentioned dressing the famous actor Can Yaman entirely in vegan clothing, stated that they are the first in Turkey to produce vegan products and are committed to creating eco-friendly items.

Öztürk, who entered the fashion industry in 2014, initially focused on leather and fur. Taking into account global warming and emerging factors, he transitioned to completely vegan production. He emphasized that Ramonder has become a pioneer in the field by producing collections using materials derived from tree bark, mushroom, and apple peel. Öztürk expressed his commitment to a policy of creating environmentally beneficial products, stating, "We have switched to a policy of producing zero-waste, 100% recyclable products to make products that are beneficial to nature under the Ramonder brand."

"We have applied for patents in 12 European countries" Öztürk mentioned that the Ramonder brand is a member of the Turkey Exporters Assembly, and they have applied for patents in 12 European countries, including Germany. He confirmed that they have already received the patent in Germany, adding, "Our brand has sold products worldwide and is a globally recognized brand. I have dressed world-famous stars in special designs made from tree bark, apple peel, and mushroom. In Turkey, we have dressed many celebrities, including the famous actor Can Yaman, entirely in vegan clothing. Can Yaman loved the product and continues to wear it. Our brand appeals to royal families, Arab countries, Hollywood stars, and all high-end individuals. As part of our brand policy, we produce personalized products alongside 100% vegan items."

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