"International award for the Royal Furrier" - RAMONDER
"International award for the Royal Furrier"
28 Araember 2023
"International award for the Royal Furrier"

Sefa Ramazan Öztürk, particularly dressing numerous figures, including Can Yaman, with fur from Turkey and around the world, takes pride in crafting fur for royal families and the world's most distinguished individuals through his brand Ramonder.

Having crowned his success with an award at the International Consumer Quality Summit Awards, Sefa Ramazan Öztürk stated, "As a Turkish brand, we have begun to reap the rewards of our success," while mentioning that this award has spurred him to expand his brand.

Öztürk said, "This award has prompted us to focus more on research and development activities in the direction of enlarging our achievements and has paved the way for us to become a global world brand. Our goal is to promote and disseminate the quality of Turkish products worldwide, delivering high-quality products to consumers. Additionally, it aims to transform special and luxury production items into a brand that influences fashion trends in the global world market."




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